Friday, December 18, 2009

Sad, Unfortunate News

On Wednesday I went to the doctor for my regular monthly prenatal/pregnancy check-up. The doctor couldn't find the heartbeat and we discovered that Goy didn't make it.

We are doing okay. Wednesday was rough, but things are getting better. It really does help that we have three beautiful, healthy children at home which we love and adore. I just wanted to let family and friends know. We would prefer to keep things simple and not dwell on the situation.


meg shaklee said...

tears just filled my eyes reading this. i'm so sorry amy.. and to your family. you have such a beautiful and amazing family. i know they will help you keep your chin up.

meg shaklee said...

sorry amy... i didn't realize you didn't want any comments.

Amy said...

Meg, it's okay! :) It's just the more comments, the harder it will be for me/us. I do appreciate your thoughts, though! xoxo