Saturday, December 5, 2009

Goy Update

Well, it's official...we are twelve weeks into this fourth and final pregnancy. I'm feeling pretty good. I've gained about 5 lbs so far (I think)...and I think this might be the first pregnancy for me to actually gain weight in the first trimester. I enter the second trimester (officially) tomorrow. It tends to be the best trimester, I have more energy, can get around easy still, and food goes down and settles well. This first trimester has gone by very fast! I've had little problems so far. I just tend to not eat, so then I get very nauseous and then nothing sounds good or appeals to me, and then no matter what I eat, I feel crappy. So, as long as I eat on a regular basis, I'm all good. I haven't had any cravings yet. I've been very, very tired, and usually hit my wall around 1pm. After that, I'm done! I try to get a ton done in the mornings (i.e. laundry, cleaning, kitchen, homework, etc.) because I know in the afternoons and evenings I'm pretty useless...just from being so tired, and not getting any chances to nap.

According to the "books" Goy is about 2.5" and about .5 ounces. Big, right? ahahah. Actually, Goy has all of his/her parts going now...eyes, ears, mouth, nose, genitals, etc. are all formed and can be seen via ultrasound.

We're hoping this pregnancy is smoother and less stressful than Rowena's, and that we're able to enjoy it more. Already twelve weeks are gone...and we've barely been able to blink. I'm excited to feel him/her moving around in there and read to the baby. Delaney and Kate are already giving Goy hugs and kisses and talking to the baby now and then.

I'll take a picture tonight of the bel, and post it. Sadly it's not as cute as the baby bump that began with Delaney or Kate, or even Rowe. I only had 7 months to lose weight and tone, and with Rowe being my third pregnancy and with very little time (or no time) to workout, the weight loss or toning didn't happen...*tear*. Hopefully I'll start looking pregnant soon, instead of just like I'm gaining weight/getting fat. I started wearing maternity pants on Thanksgiving. I can still fit into all of my regular clothes, but I figured for Thanksgiving maternity pants might be a little more comfortable...and I've just continued to wear them.

I have my next appointment on Wednesday, December 16th, and should be hearing the heartbeat. We will probably start looking at baby names after the New Year. Something that is so fun to do, but we just haven't had the time (sadly).


Marcia said...

I don't know how you will have the time for anything- working out... we all wish!! ;) You are awesome! I am so happy for your girls to have such a big and loving family! Enjoy Amy! I am very happy for ya!

Danuszka said...

I love that you are always prego during the "McRib Season"


Patty said...

You mean your not going to be 4 and counting like the Duggars? They are on number 19 you know!!

Danuszka said...

I like the Duggar comment! hahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!