Friday, December 4, 2009

Nine Months...Such a Big Girl

Well, Rowena, Rowe, Rowsie is nine months old now...the day before Thanksgiving. She had a rough week before then with having H1N1, being in the hospital, and then not being able to eat her regular diet for over a week. However, she loved Thanksgiving...she had mashed potatoes, stuffing, and turkey...and loved it all!

Here is what Rowena is up to:
  • sleeps through the night
  • holds her own bottle
  • loves to feed herself finger foods
  • gets angry if you give her too many meals without food for her to give herself
  • prefers foods that she can chew
  • has 6 teeth and it looks like she'll be getting 2 more on the bottom soon
  • crawls like crazy
  • loves to climb onto the fireplace hearth
  • loves music
  • likes to watch cartoons (like Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and Teen Titans)
  • loves to climb on, pull on, and yank on Riggs (who takes it all like a champ!)
  • likes to crawl into tight spots (like under the ottman and under her swing)
  • takes naps well
  • loves to laugh...and she has a great, hearty, belly laugh
  • refuses to lay still for a diaper change
  • gets pissy with Katie (who is always in her face and yanking/pulling on her) but enjoys Delaney (who is good with distance and knowing when to quit)
  • is cruising along furniture
  • likes to stand up
  • can pull herself into a stand
  • at times after pulling herself into a stand will let go and has pretty good balance
  • still a thumb sucker, and loving her blankies

Her stats are completely opposite of Delaney and Kate.

Weight: 50%, 19 lbs, 3 oz (so she's just 11 lbs less than her 4 1/2 year old sister)

Height: 50%, (can't remember the number...will fill in later)

Head: 97%. Yep. She has one BIG noggin! ahahah

She was given the go-ahead to table foods that are mashed or small enough chunks. Although, there's always that list of "wait on" foods (eggs, peanut products, berries, honey, etc.). Our little baby is growing well, adjusting to life as a Henderson, learning how to get Katie in trouble, and learning Riggs' limits. She is very well loved and gets lots of attention.

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Danuszka said...

oh my goodness!!! It has been way too long since I have seen the Henderson Clan! I can't believe she is such a big girl already! Where does the time go?!