Thursday, December 27, 2007

Our Backdoor Visitor

So, tonight I was starving, and decided to make myself a sammie around 9:30-I know...late to be eating, but-I'm hungry. Anyways. Coltrane always gets up for food-no matter how deep a sleep he's in. Right away he became disinterested in the food-and his back hair started standing up and he was snorting and growling-but never barked. I looked outside-figuring I'd see someone walking a dog...not quite. A HUGE racoon right outside our sliding glass door. I SO wanted to let Cole out to scare the crap out of him-but was afraid of Coltrane being attacked or the racoon being frightened and instead of running away-running into our house (which would have made for a MUCH better story). But, instead-I let Coltrane watch the big fellow and took some pics! I was so sad no one was here to witness this with me. Maybe then I would have had the guts to let Cole out!

Laughing My Ars Off!

So, the morning after Delaney's birthday (Thursday)...Kate and I are playing in the front room...and this is how Delaney comes downstairs. (She got her dog and carrying bag from Aunt Julie, her Barbie case from Denise, and the Boston Terrier purse from NCB). I almost peed my pants. And, the fact that she even kept all of her jewelry on as well as carrying all her bags, wearing those shoes and posed for me...was very amazing!

Delaney's FOURTH Birthday

Delaney's birthday this year fell on a Wednesday-which just so happens to be a day that is very busy for us. PJ and I both work, so the girls are at daycare, then Delaney has cheerleading and I have class (45 minutes away). Plus the weekends before and after her birthday were already packed. So, we decided to start to bring down her birthday parties a notch. Instead of inviting our friends and their kids-we asked Delaney who she wanted to share her birthday with her...and she listed (other than her grandparents and uncles, and Aunt Julie) her five best friends-Julia, Spencer, (and Gwen), Nicole, Anthony, and Maggie. Lucky for Delaney-everyone was able to come over to have some pizza, cupcakes, and gifts. It was very laid back and relaxing. It was just a weekday evening playdate-but everyone had fun. So-Happy Belated Birthday, Delaney...HOLY COW-I can't believe we have a four year old! YIKES!

Our Christmas Morning

Well, Kate was up around 6, but fell back asleep in our bed. Finally she was up and ready to go around 7:30 or so. We actually had to wake up Delaney-go figure...any other day, and she would've been up around 6-7! The girls were VERY excited to see everything Santa brought them. Although they didn't get any instruments and Delaney didn't get any trains, they got a lot of fun stuff for their dolls, a new princess dollhouse, and fun accessories to their Pixar Cars-a carrying case, Flo's V-8 Cafe and the Radiator Springs dirt track (so cool, btw). They also got some play-doh, lots of jewelry, matching robes and nightgowns, cars, princesses, and lots of Pez. Here are pics of what they saw waking up.

Oh-and I got a kick-ars bike and Pete got a portable dvd player w/IPod Dock.

Monday, December 24, 2007

Baking Cookies for Santa


The girls were allowed to open one present from Mom and Dad tonight-their personalized aprons. They were in need of them for baking Santa some cookies! We had fun, and the girls looked adorable. We enjoyed cookies, egg nog, and fabulous Christmas music.

Ice Skating on Christmas Eve

The girls enjoyed ice skating was Kate first experience on the ice, and Delaney did pretty well. She got up without hesitation or frustration whenever she would fall. Katie's skates were a bit big and she was all over the place. She had to be held at all times. Thanks to Nana for her patience on the ice today...who knew it would take four people about 30 minutes to go around the rink just one time! Whew-what a workout!