Thursday, October 30, 2008

Halloween Party at Kids Connection

Today the girls' school had their Halloween Celebration. The kids all dressed up, brought treats, had a parade, and went trick-or-treating. Surprisingly (or maybe not so much), Katie stayed in her dress the whole time. It's quite large on her, as the smallest size they have is a 4 in Giselle's dress. I pinned up about 2" around the front and sides. However, the dress is still pretty heavy and big-with a lot of netting and bustling to it. Delaney ended up taking her costume off, as the head doesn't stay up all the time, and it gets a little itchy around her neck. They had a great day at school-and can't wait to TRICK-OR-TREAT tomorrow! Thankfully, the forecast is nice!

Pongo the Dalmation and GiselleKatie..."just as Giselle runs!" (Holding her dress up as she ran through New York...she just LOVES attention to detail when being a princess)Pongo tired and napping before classKatie's Preschool ClassDelaney's Preschool Class

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Have You Had Enough?

I hope this satisifies many of you...I updated today with 6 postings of pictures, videos, and updates (not including this one 0r the "I lied" one). That's all I have for now...but I'm sure you know that Halloween is JUST around the corner, so I should be posting on Friday or Saturday with some more pics!

Things have been hectic around here, with Grandma Hayes, Uncle Brian's visit, school, projects, Halloween coming, etc. Last night Pete and I took advantage of my parents babysitting, and we went on a nice date. I can't tell you how long it feels since we've done something like that. It was WONDERFUL! And, I hope to do it again soon. Our schedules are very opposite right now, and time together is few and far between--especially alone time! Hopefully after this trimester of school-things will calm down. We have a lot to look forward to in the month of November-with our trip to the Circus, trip to Grandpa and Paula's, and trip to L'Anse. December will also be a crazy month-with school finishing for the term, our trip to Disney, Delaney's FIFTH birthday, Christmas, and New Year. January, I think, will be the calmest month in a long time for us Henderson' well as for a long time (seeing as Birl should be arriving in February).

Hope all is well...Love and Miss you all!

The New Bedtime Story

Courtesy of Uncle Brian...(sorry to Uncle Joe and Uncle Dan...but now-the revenge is YOURS!). Ahahahha

The girls are now telling this story almost nightly and in the car while driving to and from Gymquest on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Too funny.

Pumpkin Carving

On Sunday, the 19th, after the Bears game, we went out to carve pumpkins. We only got through 2 of the 8 pumpkins we have...but they were tough! Each girl picked out 1-2 and had Pete draw the face on them, then just about everyone helped clean and carve them.

Bowling with the Kridner Family

On Sunday the 19th, we went to Brunswick Zone in Romeoville for to bowl a game and play in the arcade before the Bears Game. The girls had a BLAST, as did the rest of us. We were happy Leann joined us, especially Kate (who just LOVES her). I got high score (not that I'm bragging...well, okay maybe a little), and then I believe the scores went Poppy, Peter, Brian, Leann, Wesley and Delaney tied, and then Kate. I could be wrong, but do know I'm right about Wesley and Delaney tying! After our game, we spent some time in the arcade, and after about $30 and a ton of games...each girl was able to pick out a Carebear (about 1" in height)...ah-so worth it!

Playhouse Disney Live

On Saturday, the 18th, we took the girls to Playhouse Disney Live. Gotta say-I'd rather them just watch it on T.V.! It was slow and not super entertaining, but maybe that's because I'm over the age of 8. The girls seemed to enjoy it. Kate really liked the popcorn and dancing to the music, while Delaney got into the storyline. Now they REALLY can't wait to go to Disney World-because there they actually get to MEET the characters!

The Childrens' Museum

During Brian's visit, I had so many things I wanted us to do...and we only were able to do one (bowling)! The day we had planned for the zoo, it was POURING instead we headed to Naperville to the Children's Museum. You can tell by Brian's facial expression in one of the pics--he was NOT a fan! There was quite a bit for the girls to enjoy, but I'm not sure it was really worth the price. Thankfully the girls had a blast, but we didn't last too long-as our hunger grew, and there's no food court/service there, and because of the rain and the fact I had to be to class, we left around 1, had lunch at Applebee's (Delaney and Katie's fave restaurant), and headed home.

Family In Iowa

We headed back to Iowa on October 10th for Grandma Hayes' funeral. The nice thing was seeing everyone again. Nana, Uncle Joe, and Uncle Dan were both there, as were other relatives that the girls hadn't met yet...such as Nancy's brother (Mike) and his family. We got into town around 12:30am on Saturday, and the girls were WIRED so they hung out with the uncles and played for a while. On Saturday morning we went to the funeral and the girls behaved SOOOOO well-everyone was impressed! They went up to Great Grandma Hayes, said their prayers and goodbye. After the mass, we enjoyed a luncheon, then went to GGHayes' house to enjoy some family time, then to Snell park. We left after a big, yummy brunch on Sunday morning.

Kate and Uncle Joe sleeping...
And eating and making funny faces...

Uncle Dan and Kate at the luncheon

Delaney posing for the camera after mass.
The Henderson Brothers-Joe, Pete, Dan
Swinging at Snell Park...GO DAN!
Nana and Delaney at the Park
Uncle Dan with the girls at Clay Cliff (at Snell Park)Passing out and hanging with Uncle Joe
Saying Good Bye on Sunday after brunch

Here is a video of the girls making Daddy and their Uncles play Duck, Duck, Goose...