Saturday, October 31, 2009

Craft Time Chez Henderson

Since Halloween fell on a Saturday, the girls were pretty anxious all day about when we could go Trick-or-Treating. We started a countdown around 7:30 a.m. and our Trick-or-Treating didn't start until 3:30. The girls did pretty good about entertaining themselves and playing together really well for most of the day. Around 1 p.m. the wait seemed to start getting to them. So, I decided to spend some of the remaining time doing a fun fall craft project. We each traced our hands (and part of our arms) on brown cardstock and cut them out and glued it to blue paper. Then we proceeded to tear little pieces of various colors of cardstock and glued them on our "hands" and all over the blue paper. Our hands and arms serve as the trunk and branches of a tree and the torn pieces of colorful cardstock were the leaves. I think they turned out pretty good. And, more importantly, it made the last two hours go by fast and the girls had a lot of fun!

Happy Halloween from The Hendersons

We had a great Halloween again this year. Delaney went as a dalmation (same as last year), Katie went as Giselle (same as last year), and Rowena went as Dumbo (for about 10 minutes). She only lasted 10 minutes because she was getting heavy, it was cold, and she wanted to get down and crawl around. The girls wen trick-or-treating with the neighbors...and went further than ever before! We made it all the way down to Timberline and Theodore and also to Harris and something (cant' remember the street). One house on our street is AWESOME! They give away fresh popped a real popper (like at a theater) that they make throughout the day on their front porch, plus a HUGE candy bag for each kid--including a big rice krispie treat, a couple full candy bars, a package of gum, regular sized bag of skittles, and more. Plus they each got a bucket of cotton candy. Amazing! Some years they even give out beers to the parents.

Our neighbors had their family over and Grammie and Poppy were also over. The Grandparents happily stayed back to give out candy to our trick-or-treaters...but we had a huge group this year. The guys were drinking out of coffee to-go mugs, yet they filled it with Captain and warm apple cidar. Mmmmmm!

We went out for about an hour or so, and then came home to relax and get warm. It was sunny and dry, but brrrrrrr, was it cold! Delaney sat outside for quite a while to hand out candy. Then later Kate did so, but stayed inside. We ordered some tres yummy pizza and then afterwards Grammie and Poppy headed home.

It was a great Halloween!



Delaney became a "BIG GIRL" last night. She was given a treat from a friend of mine and it was a pretty hard thing to bite into. She was eating it and then came down to the basement (where I was with some friends) and she was upset and a little scared. She showed me her mouth, and it was filled with some blood. I thought she bit her tongue, but she said "No, look." She was a little scared, or unsure of what to do. I looked closer and realized she LOST HER FIRST TOOTH! I asked her where it was, and she didn't know. We thought she may have swallowed it, but she swore she didn't. So, there are about five grown women on their hands and knees in the basement searching for the missing tooth. I finally found it on the stairs. She was so excited to put it in her "Tooth Fairy" pillow. She was even MORE excited when she woke up this morning and the Tooth Fairy replaced the tooth will a $1 bill. And, it also helped her get really excited about it when Dawn told her that Spencer hasn't lost a tooth yet...who is 6 months older and in first grade.

Halloween Parties at Kids' Connection and Grand Prairie

Rowena and I had a fun and busy morning yesterday. We went to Kids' Connection to see "Giselle" and her classmates. The kids there had a great morning...doing a parade through the church and "trick-or-treating."
Next we went to Grand Prairie to drop off juice boxes and treats for "Spotty's" class party (we wanted to volunteer at the party, but can't because of their "no sibling" policy, which I can understand and respect, but I was disappointed). We were allowed to go to the media center for the two morning Kindergarten Halloween Parades. Delaney's class was really cute when they sang their "Spooky October" song. (There's a video on youtube).

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Dance Class...Their Last One Together

This past DanceQuest Dance Session, Delaney and Katie were in the same class. This was the first time they've been in the same class and that they've had a teacher other than Ms. Emily. They had a high school senior, Elizabeth, as their teacher (although today she was very sick, so Ms. Emily sub'd).

Today was their last day...and Delaney will be moving up. Her skill level is there and she will be turning 6 before the end of the next session. Another special thing about this week's class was that the girls were allowed to bring a friend. They wanted Julia and Gwen...Julia had Brownies, but Gwen wanted to come. So, we all piled in the Freestyle and off we went. The girls had a blast...working on both ballet and tap. With five minutes left for class, parents were asked to be the audience and they performed a little "Halloween" dance. (The video is on youtube).

Henderson Pumpkins 2009

Katie's in on the left: He has no nose and his left eye is much larger than his right and he only has teeth on the left side of his mouth. I have named him "Sloth."
Delaney's is on the right. She made two small, but unique eyes and a cute little nose and a huge mouth. Hm. I wonder if I was her model. ahahhaha Rowena's cute, traditional pumpkin

Carving Pumpkins

We got two huge pumpkins at the Pumpkin Farm a few weeks ago. One for Delaney to design, and one for Kate. We also used one of our tiny pumpkins for Rowe, although-Peter designed that one.

The girls had fun on Sunday drawing on, cleaning out, and helping carve their pumpkins. It was a fun day...until Delaney got sick. We were supposed to make ice cream (chocolate mint oreo), but we waited until Delaney was feeling better on Monday night. It was DELISH! Yummers. The pumpkins turned out cute, and I'll have to post a picture tonight with the girls and their pumpkins on the porch.

Eight Months...Already

Man! Time sure is flying by with our growing little Rowsie. She's already eight months old! (I sadly think I missed posting for her 7 months). She makes us smile every day. We are so lucky with our three beautiful, healthy, fun, smart girls. Well-to tell you what she's up to...

  • sleeps through the night
  • takes two solid naps a day
  • eats and drinks like a champ
  • enjoys her sippy cup with 70% water, 30% juice
  • has mastered her "pinchers" and loves to use them to pick up pieces of dog food that have fallen from Riggsie's mouth
  • giggles like crazy
  • knows when I'm teasing her
  • races away when I chase her
  • loves to crawl under/through her megasaucer
  • wants to eat "real" food
  • crawls up on all-fours
  • climbs up stairs
  • pulls herself into a stand
  • cruises along furniture-especially along the fireplace
  • loves Riggs' toys
  • still puts everything in her mouth
  • is taking baths like a big girl now (no baby bath tub anymore)
  • spits and loves to stick her tongue
  • can curl her tongue
  • has four teeth-two bottom middle and top outers (so she's loving sticking her tongue through her top teeth)
  • smiles like crazy
  • is SUPER happy!
  • let's you know when she's tired or hungry
  • still sucks her thumb--but looks super adorable doing so

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Jumping in the Leaves moments after I published the last posting, I couldn't wait for the weekend. The weather was too perfect. So, I went outside and made a couple big leaf piles, and Delaney and Katie had a GREAT time! There are also some videos on youtube. They had so much fun...they played a variety of games as well as running and jumping from all sorts of angles. Does it get any better than this?

Perfect Fall Day

It's one of those perfect days! Well, perfect in my eyes. It's about 65 degrees out, sun is shining, there are a few white clouds in the sky, the windows are open, a nice breeze is going through the house, the trees are turning beautiful colors. I think this weekend, we'll have to rake and have fun jumping in the leaves! The girls ate both breakfast and lunch like champs, had great days at school, and are getting along beautifully. Rowe is giggling and cooing like crazy, and climbing up stairs, trying to get onto the fireplace hearth, and crawling all over. Riggs is doing well, too. Pete should be getting off of work early, which is always a nice surprise. The only thing that is getting in the way of it being a true perfect that I have to go to school/class tonight instead of having dinner and a night with the family. It would be a perfect night to hot tub, have a fire, and just chill with some wine with the hubby after watching a movie with the girls with some popcorn.

Ah...I love fall!Our beautiful maple...turning red and orange with the change of the season. So beautiful!