Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Delaney's 3rd Grade Performance

Delaney had her 3rd grade performance tonight.  I am such a sap!  I cannot get through any of the kids events without crying.  I even get teary at their sporting events.  Dance recitals-watch out!  I think it's pride and also a bit of sadness that they are growing up so quickly and becoming such awesome, amazing people! 

Delaney was sick all last week and it took a lot out of her!  She lost over 4 pounds and did a lot of movie watching.  There were days she didn't even have energy.  Thankfully her fever finally broke and Delaney is back to her healthy self.

This performance screamed Choice Theory to me!  It was all about personal responsibility, external and internal control, making decisions, and always having choices.  I loved it!  And, as always, proud of Delaney!

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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Sleepy Hendersons

I took a few pics of the kids sleeping the past few weeks that make me laugh.

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Thursday, November 22, 2012

Rowena's Thanksgiving Day Adventure

We were going to celebrate Thanksgiving this year with my parents and brother, sister-in-law, and niece on Saturday this year (which ended up not happening because Delaney was still so sick).  Since Nana couldn't come to town to celebrate with us, Peter and I decided to have a laidback day at home.  After the race, we snacked on appetizers until dinner (which was this: ham and sweet potato casserole-YUM!):

Delaney was pretty sick so it ended up being a good thing we didn't have plans for the entire family.  We spent the day watching football and playing board games.  Charlie and Delaney played on the ipad a bit, and Katie helped Daddy install our new shower head.

Rowena, however, had a fun adventure...

Grammie and Poppy picked her up to spend the day at Great Aunt Denise's for the holiday.  She got to play with Natalia (my cousin Shane's 4 1/2 year old daughter), Aunt Denise, Uncle Jim, GAP, Grammie, Poppy, Marty, and his wife.  She was SOOO excited to go somewhere special without her sisters and such.  Everyone said she had a good time and was really good!  She arrived home, passed out!

(they were not driving like this, but rather waiting for her carseat to be installed)
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Katie's 2nd Race

On Thanksgiving the older girls and I were registered for another race; a one mile for them and a 4 mile for me.  Since Delaney was sick, she couldn't run.  So, Katie's friend Cassie took Delaney's spot.
 Ready to race!
 The Fox and Turkey (The race was titled "The Fox and Turkey Trot")
 And, they're off!
 Coming up for the finish...
 Getting ready for my race
 I was beat.  And sweaty.

I have to say...that extra .9 miles was pretty tough for me!  I finished my race in 41:54, which averages to about 10:29 minute miles.  I did a lot of walking between mile 2 and 3. I was really proud of Kate!  She did her mile in 10:29, which is almost 2 minutes faster than her first race.

I told both Delaney and Kate if they are able to finish 1 mile runs without walking, I would sign them up for a longer distance race (either a 2 mile or 5K).  Since 2 miles are somewhat difficult to find, we decided to sign them up for a 5K (which is 3.12 miles).  We're running our next race, and the girls first 5K, on New Year's Day in Chicago for LifeTime Fitness' Commitment Day.  Oh, and Uncle Teddy Bear is joining us, and it will be his first 5K too!
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Sunday, November 18, 2012

Sleepover Saturday

We let each of the older girls invite a friend to spend the night.  Katie picked a new friend from her class, Grace, while Delaney chose Kyla (a good friend who has spent the night a few times).

 They even let Rowe participate in the sleepover part!

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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Rowe's Cute Outfit

Rowena has been requesting to have her hair in "two pony tails" and wear a dress every day she has school.  I love that she takes pride in how she looks for school.  I particularly liked her in this outfit

Of course, she had to pose with a little attitude

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Sunday, November 11, 2012

Rowena's First "Slumber Party"

The girls decided they wanted a sleepover with the three of them.  So, they set up their sleeping bags in the family room, watched movies, ate popcorn, and slept on the floor together.  Rowena was so excited, but woke up SOOOO disappointed!  She cried for the first 20 minutes.  I never really got what she expected, but she didn't like it.

Hopefully, she'll have a good experience the next time.
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Sunday, November 4, 2012

Hot Chocolate 5K: Chicago

One of the biggest 5K's in Chicago is the Hot Chocolate coordinated by RAM Racing.  I've been wanting to do this race for a year...or more.  Finally this year, with my goal of 3 5Ks, I registered.  This race is pretty pricey for a 5K.  And, keep in mind it's in Chicago, so you also have to pay for gas or public transit, and parking.  It can add up fast.  There are a lot of complaints about this race every year.  Being a newbee to racing, I had no complaints.  The Expo was nice, packet pick-up wasn't terrible, and with 40,000+ runners for the 5K and 15K, they organized the corrals and released the runners of the corrals about 3 minutes apart to space runners a bit.  It was rare I felt squished or unable to pass. 

This was my third 5K for the year.  I reached my goal and actually followed through my my new year's resolution (holy crap).  In the process I've also lost about 18 lbs (and want to lose about 5-15 more).  Each 5K my time has improved, and I'm pretty disappointed in myself that I didn't sprint after that last turn when I saw the finish line.  I was only 14 seconds over my goal!  However, I didn't walk once, and for that, I'm proud.

Here I am with Nichole and her brother, Michael--who ran his first ever 5K.  We drove to the race together (and with his wife, Lynn) and that really made the experience more fun!
 YUM!  After finishing the race, one gets a Finisher's Mug...filled with Hot Chocolate (of course), and chocolate fondue with banana, apples, pretzels, chocolate squares, a rice krispie treat, and marshmellow for dipping.

 My Race time...30m13s (I was hoping for under 30 minutes).  I'm getting there!!!

Oh, and we also get this AWESOME hoodie!!!  I love it and will live in the thing!
(picture taken from the Hot Chocolate website)
I'm also registered now for a 4 mile race on Thanksgiving and the girls will be running their second 1-mile race this year on that morning too.  Exciting!

Wanna know my goals for next year?  Run a race every month and donate blood 6 times (this year I will only have done it 3 times).
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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Book Worms

Now and then, Delaney and Kate will find books they just don't want to put down.  Lately, getting ready for school has been a pain because as soon as they complete a task to get them ready for school, they start reading before they finish getting ready (i.e. after breakfast, but before dressing-read.  after dressing, but before brushing teeth-read, etc.).

One day they almost missed the bus because of it...

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