Thursday, November 22, 2012

Katie's 2nd Race

On Thanksgiving the older girls and I were registered for another race; a one mile for them and a 4 mile for me.  Since Delaney was sick, she couldn't run.  So, Katie's friend Cassie took Delaney's spot.
 Ready to race!
 The Fox and Turkey (The race was titled "The Fox and Turkey Trot")
 And, they're off!
 Coming up for the finish...
 Getting ready for my race
 I was beat.  And sweaty.

I have to say...that extra .9 miles was pretty tough for me!  I finished my race in 41:54, which averages to about 10:29 minute miles.  I did a lot of walking between mile 2 and 3. I was really proud of Kate!  She did her mile in 10:29, which is almost 2 minutes faster than her first race.

I told both Delaney and Kate if they are able to finish 1 mile runs without walking, I would sign them up for a longer distance race (either a 2 mile or 5K).  Since 2 miles are somewhat difficult to find, we decided to sign them up for a 5K (which is 3.12 miles).  We're running our next race, and the girls first 5K, on New Year's Day in Chicago for LifeTime Fitness' Commitment Day.  Oh, and Uncle Teddy Bear is joining us, and it will be his first 5K too!
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