Tuesday, December 22, 2009

A Fun Christmas at Grandpa and Paula's

Monday, December 21st--the first day of winter and Uncle Joe's birthday, we headed to Grandpa and Paula's for a tasty dinner, Christmas celebration, and ice skating on the lake. The girls were SO excited to go and disappointed we didn't leave as soon as they woke up! Here are pictures from throughout our fun day!

Delaney and Katie enjoying the "Big Girl" far back seat. Grandpa and Paula with Rowena
Katie ice skating with Paula

Delaney was a champ...if she fell, she was right back up. She did some pretty good twirls on the ice too.
Katie on her way down.

Rowena and I stayed in, and ventured up and down the stairs.

Present time...Rowe opens her first gift (Little People--a fave item of hers!)Delaney gets a new, awesome VTech Game system.
Katie helps Rowena open a gift.
Katie gets an awesome princess tent and tunnel.
All of our girls have loved hanging on Daddy's shoulders and pulling on his hair.
Katie snacking on her fave thing--an apple, and watching some TV.
Blowing out the candles on the birthday cake made for Delaney and Joe.

Rowena playing with her fave toy/pal at Grandpa and Paula's...Vander.

Rowena and Paula dancing
Grandpa and Paula's is FUN!

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