Thursday, November 17, 2011

Park or Zoo?

A friend of mine who lives near the zoo once asked me, "How much can one family take of the zoo?"  Well, to be honest, a lot.  I love the zoo and could probably go a couple times a month.  We've had a membership since Delaney was about 1.  It's a nice way to get us out of the house, some fresh air, and me some exercise.  However, I do get her point.  There is only so much one can take.  And, to give her some credit,  it's in her backyard, so I get that it can get exhausting and monotonous.

Brian's last Saturday we figured we'd go to the zoo, as it's a stop every time he's in town.  Well, last minute we changed our mind and headed to a local park instead.  We picked up Starbucks (a treat for me, as that is a place to which I never go) and headed off.  We decided this was our best option--close, kids could just participate in free play, and Brian and I could chat.  The kids had a blast.  Plus, Delaney and Katie were able to wear their new "Sue Sylvester" outfits they got from Uncle Teddy Bear's store.










And, while I'll continue to go to the zoo, and enjoy every minute while there, it's often good to just chillax local, at home, nearby park, or watch a movie.
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