Sunday, November 28, 2010

Charles Peter Henderson

We are proud to announce our

7:14 p.m.
7 lbs, 2 oz.

I had a lot of pressure in the morning, but no contractions. Katie wasn’t feeling well so her and I were relaxing in our bed after decorating for Christmas. I had lunch around 1, and started having contractions, very light, about 10-15 minutes apart shortly after that. I thought it was nothing, but decided to let Peter know anyway. He insisted we go to Kankakee, just in case—better be close and safe than home and sorry. So, around 3, we headed out. Contractions were getting more intense, but still bearable, and they were becoming more consistent—about 5-7 minutes apart.

We got to the hospital around 4, and I was only dilated to 2. However, by 5, I was about a 4 and they ordered an epidural. I didn’t get that until after 6:30 at which time I was full dilated. Doctor got in around 6:45 or so, maybe a little later. I only had to push for three contractions and out was our fourth and final addition to our family. Finally…Peter and I have a son.

I'm feeling great and really hoping we can head home tomorrow night.  Resting at home is much better rest than a hospital.  Although I do have to say, my L&D nurses--Jan, Tracey, and Eileen were amazing.  We are now in recovery and about to get some much needed sleep.  Here are some pics from our afternoon/evening (tomorrow we should get a nice cd with lots of pictures to share, so we didn't take many)...

Before the contractions were too horrible
 My amazing partner!
 Charles Peter
 Wiped out after all the excitment...and being squirt in the face.

 Kisses for his son

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Brian said...

Love Him!

Patty said...


Jessica J said...

Awww..look at your little guy, so cute!!! And, look at you blogging already...I think you it's official now, you are Supermom!
Congrats Again on your son!~

Marcia said...

So happy for you guys! What a wonderful blessing!! Enjoy every second!!

Cosentino's said...

he looks like delaney...too cute

All About Baby Boutique said...

Congrats Amy! I am so excited for you!!

Donna said...

YESSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!! IT'S A BOY!

Can't wait to see you guys!!!

Patty said...

He has Peter's hair!! LMBO

Connie Krebs said...

Congratulations honey!!! I am soooo happy for you!