Saturday, November 27, 2010

Delaney's 7th Birthday Celebration

Since Goy is due the day after Delaney's 7th birthday...we didn't want to chance me going into labor during the party, or have a bunch of kids over with a newborn, so we decided to have her party a little early.  Delaney was really excited, and didn't complain once about having the party two weeks early.  She decided to have an all girl party and have it full of fun crafts.  The girls decorated their take-home bags, then they made their very own hair bows, followed by bracelet-making.  Then it was on to and cake.  We finished the party with presents and a fun pull-string pinata.
Delaney's birthday cake
Decorating their gift-bags

Making bows
The party guests with their bows:
Alexis, Delaney, Kyla, Julia
Grace, Katie, Gwen
Everyone getting ready for "PIZZA, PIZZA, PIZZA"
 After everyone sang "Happy Birthday" to Delaney and she finally got all those candles out.
 PRESENT TIME!!!  She got some great gifts!

Pinata!  Since it was dark and cold out, we decided to go with a pull-string pinata over one which needs to be hit with a bat.  Everyone got to pull a string and really enjoy all the candy that Peter ripped out!

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ReAnna said...

Happy EARLY 7th Birthday Miss Delaney! Love the pics...she's growing up so fast. :)