Monday, November 29, 2010

Charlie at A Day

It looks like we won't be able to leave today, darn it! Due to my Rh factor being negative and his being positive, Charlie tested positive for Coombs. This means our blood mixed at some point...either during pregnancy or birth (usually birth), so my Rh antibodies are trying to attack his. So, his liver is kind of under-functioning right now. Nothing serious, but it causes him to be jaundice. They tested his billirubin levels and we're waiting for those results. So, he might need IV antibotics and will have to be under the billi-lights. This is what Delaney had when she was born. Thankfully, although all of our children are Rh+, only 2 have had this problem at birth.

Peter is planning on leaving around 3 and bringing the kids here to visit, then will go home to give baths and spend the night at home. I am really hoping we can go home in the morning.  Delaney has her 1st grade performance tomorrow night, and I really don't want to miss it!

I'm wanting to put Charlie in clothes, but they asked us not too, to minimize germs and such. I only have one boy outfit so it's not too big a deal. I have some gender neutral clothes too. He'll be getting circ. later today. That care and such makes me so nervous.

Peter was so cute with Charlie in the middle of the night. After I fed Charlie around 2am, Peter walked around with him, talking with him as Charlie grunted and squeaked...telling him how he has so much to teach him--about X-Men, Star Wars, Iron Man, etc. I think Peter is beyond excited to have a son!

Here are some pics of Charlie at about 14 hours old...

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Donna said...

I can picture Pete now.... "Son..I will teach all about the Simpsons and about Mario Bros..."

Alyssa said...

Awww he's so sweet. Congratulations! It's going to be fun having a little boy around the house, and you get used to all his bits and pieces. Once they heal diaper changes are so much easier than girls in my opinion, far less crevices to clean :)

Marcia said...

Ahhh the joys of baby boys! Everything will heal fast! And it really is easier than girls- I agree with Alyssa! But just be ready to cover him up fast! No airing out with newborn boys!! Ha ha!! Enjoy! What a way to end your clan!!