Saturday, November 6, 2010

Big Girl Alert!

Okay, so I know I have to still post on Delaney and Katie's Parent-Teacher Conferences, and I will.  But for now I have to brag on our youngest.  She is becoming a big girl!  This past week we have transitioned her into her "big girl" bed and she has been adjusting very well to it.  She loved it when we first put it up in the girls' room and was so excited and knew it was her bed. 
The first night we tried it didn't work.  We had her in Delaney and Katie's room, and she just cried and tried to get out of the room, Delaney was crying because she was scared there might be ghosts, and it was, well, just a mess.  When Peter and I went back in, Katie says "Should I just go sleep in the crib?"  Too funny.  So, we ended up not going through with it that night and decided it might be best to get her used to her new bed in her room, so back in the crib she went.

The next day, at nap time, Rowe cried for over an hour.  I finally went up there to settle her down and as I sang her a song, she fell I put her in the older girls' room in the toddler bed.  She slept well but woke up very scared.  That night, Peter moved her bed into her room, and she freaked out again in the crib.  So, as we sang her a song, she passed out in my lap and again we put her in her toddler bed.  That's all it took.  She was up early yesterday morning, but she slept the whole night in her bed from about 8-5am.  Yesterday for nap, last night for bed, and again today for nap, Rowe has slept in her bed and has no desire for her crib anymore. 

Her first nap:

Her first night:

Second Nap:

I'm so glad this went as well as it did.  What a BIG girl she is!  I love it.  And, it makes it nice to know that she will be all good once Goy arrives.

Speaking of that...Goy should be arriving in about 5 weeks or so.  So, with that, we have been getting ready.  Peter put up a dresser in Rowe's room so we can put her 24 month and 2T clothes away (as our nursery furniture doesn't really fit bigger clothes well).  We have the toddler bed up and Rowe transitioned.  And, now I'm washing all of our newborn diapers and later will be washing the 0-3 month gender neutral clothes, towels, and bedding.  I cannot believe we are down to just a little over a month!

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