Friday, April 2, 2010

Sprinkle on the Spring

Yesterday was gorgeous out, and when the girls reported being "hot" after playing outside for a couple hours, I suggested getting out the sprinkler. While Rowena was definitely not a fan, Delaney and Katie had a BLAST! We had it going about 2-3 different times, with breaks for strawberries, popsicles, and dancing on the deck. The day really excited me for this summer. Hopefully I won't be too bogged down with school work!

Not too sure about that rain-maker! Running back and forth, taking turns.
I love Kate's method of running through the icy water!
Delaney faced it head-on!
She's getting better about going through...
She didn't last too long...a bit too cold with the water and wind combo
NOT a fan of the sprinkler!

Showing each other their recital dance routines
Much happier!

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