Friday, April 9, 2010

Henderson Kid-isms

It's been a while since I've blogged solely about something funny the girls have said or done. I have been blogging more about what we are doing. Nothing too exciting but here are some stories of the girls...

  • Will only call Uncle Wesley "Uncle Charming"
  • Is reading books all by herself, and often will read to Rowena
  • Is going to move from Illinois so she can marry both Christopher and Marco at the same time.
  • Beat Smash Brothers Brawl--ALL BY HERSELF! (Something Peter can't do). It was awesome--the 3 neighbors were over watching and so were Katie, Rowena, and Peter and I. The kids started screaming and running all over. What a fun moment. Delaney was very proud!
  • has become quite the little mommy--helping out and she loves to feed Rowena
  • Peter tends to walk in and take his shoes off and leaves them as he continues walking (I know Jeff Cozzo can really feel my pain and frustration). The girls have been getting on him lately, making comments like, "Where do your shoes go?" To which yesterday he responds, "Right in this area" as he points to the floor in the entry way. Well, about five minutes later, I remind Kate to take off her shoes (we don't wear shoes in the house), and she takes them off right before going down the stairs and leaves them right in the walkway for others to trip over. I ask her, "Where do your shoes go?" To which she responds, "Right in this area" and walks away. She was so serious, Peter and I just started laughing! The little stinker!!!
  • will only call Uncle Brian "Teddy Bear."
  • is constantly playing Smash Brothers (not the video game, but acting out the characters)
  • is going to "marry Spencer" so they can "play Star Wars all the time" and "because he's handsome."
  • is always reminding us of our rules. Little stinker
  • loves Rowena so much that she can't let Rowe near her without touching, grabbing, or pulling at her.

Rowe is one happy, but also pretty serious little 13 month old! She smiles and laughs often, unless I have a camera in my hand or someone asks/wants her to smile. Some things that Rowena does that makes me smile or laugh...
  • Loves to drink out of her sisters' sippys rather than her own (I think she knows we water hers down).
  • Is pretty attached to mom right now, and when I leave for work, she'll wave bye to whomever is here to care for her (i.e. Daddy, Poppy, Grammie), and not me.
  • If she is playing Little People, she tends to open the door of her house and puts all the people an animals through. That is how Little People is played in the world of Rowe.
  • She is very attached to her morning routine--sitting in her chair, watching Blues Clues or Mickey Mouse Clubhouse while drinking warmed whole milk and snacking out of a snack cup--usually dry cereal or gerber yogurt melts.
  • She has used a nebulizer so much, she now will find the face mask and walk around the house breathing through it.
  • Loves her blankies--and usually has at least 2 at a time.
  • When you mention leaving, she'll get your shoes for you and then get her own--she's always ready to go somewhere.
  • Gets SO excited when she sees people outside, she'll bang on the window/door and then get her shoes.
  • Likes to put her hand up to her ear and say "Hi" as if she is on the phone.

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