Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter "Brunch" at The Melting Pot

For Easter this year, we went to The Melting Pot for their brunch. Thankfully kids ate free (seeing as they barely ate anything). The staff there was very nice and loved the girls. They provided a private egg hunt and Easter Bunny visit for their guests. The girls LOVED this part. As we sat down and ordered, the girls drew pictures for the Easter Bunny. We had our appetizer and salad courses, and then were told it was our turn for the egg hunt and visit with the Easter Bunny. Rowena was much more interested in the EB and the streamers on the floor. Delaney and Katie were so excited about the egg hunt and then gave hugs to the EB as well as gave him their drawings. The meal was delicious, but we have learned (although we already figured) that fondue is not really for kids. The tables provide little room for coloring and moving, as there are hot burners. Also, our kids are uber picky eaters, and it is quite a lengthy meal. However...the food was great and the girls behaved okay. The Melting Pot took pictures of our time with the EB and the egg hunt and gave us a cd with our pictures. How nice! It was a wonderful time, but I think next year, we'll try a more kid-friendly meal.The Henderson Girls with the Easter Bunny
Getting their Egg Hunt bags...look at Rowe's excitment!
Loving the streamers
In awe of the giant Easter Bunny
Finding Easter eggs
Giving the Easter Bunny her drawing
Hugs for Delaney for the picture
Hugs for Katie for the picture
Henderson Girls meeting the Easter Bunny
Chewing on some bread
Drawing for the Easter Bunny
Trying the fondue cheese appetizer
Her reaction to the fire on the turtle fondue dessert
The Ying-Yang dessert fondue
The girls' dessert plates
They really enjoyed the dessert portion of the meal!

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Marcia said...

You guys are so fun! Delaney's hair is getting so long! Beautiful! Along with the rest of your girls! And you look great too! Enjoy the season! And hopefully another gathering here soon!