Thursday, April 29, 2010

BooBerry...FINALLY Gone!

Last September or October, I was searching high and low for Halloween decorations to complete our set. I finally found them, but in my journey I went to a store I never shop: Walmart. Well, in doing so, I found some AWESOME cereal that Peter and I didn't think they made anymore. I bought (2 for $5, by the way) Frankin Berry, Count Chocula, and Boo Berry. Well, we ended up finishing the Count Chocula pretty quick, and shortly after the Frankin Berry. However, we JUST finished the Boo Berry today. Yep...about 6 months later we finished a box of cereal. Keep in mind we have cereal just about daily...goes to show you the selection we keep in the house that allows a box to go unfinished for 1/2 a year! I was so excited to FINALLY put this box in the recycle bin this morning, I had to share. Now, in 6 more months, we'll head to Walmart again for 3 boxes of Halloween cereal.

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