Sunday, April 18, 2010

Spring Fun at Grandpa and Paula's

Grandpa and Paula really have the COOLEST PLACE EVER! In the winter we get to ice skate on the frozen lake. In the spring and fall we fish. And in the summer we swim and boat! Since the weather and lake was obviously was too cold to swim, seeing as it was only 60 out, and it's still spring. So, we spent our day fishing. Riggs did get to swim for a while. The girls had a blast fishing and caught about 8 fish.

Katie...looking for fish.Casting her first line
Katie caught the first fish of the day!
Delaney trying to relax to catch her first fish
Hooking her own worm...
Delaney with her first fish
Ney's fish
Rowe getting into the worms. I think she wants to fish too.
Rowena fishing with Daddy's help.
Peter caught a Rowe!
What a MEAN Dad! Rowe loved did Delaney and Katie. I think I was the only one who didn't like it!Feeding Vander. Rowena sure loves animals!

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