Friday, April 30, 2010

Shoes, Shoes, Shoes

How many shoes does a one-year-old need? At least 8. Rowena has quite the shoe collection going. Although in this picture on shoe of her sketchers is missing and...she has a variety to choose from on a daily basis. She also has two pair of Robeez that still fit her. This girl has some tiny feet-size 3.

Now, Katie on the other hand, truly has options in the morning! She has about 20 pair of shoes that currently fit her feet. She is now in a size 9. She is very picky about shoes...they have to be pretty. So, we try to oblige. Sometimes it's hard, as she is not a fan of tennis shoes, and tends to wear dresses to school every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. When not at school, Kate still usually wears skirts and is very happy now that she can wear sandals again. Katie also has the most "'bins" in our shoe organizer. She has a total of 5. Where most of us have 3. If you take a close look, you might notice that Katie's shoes tend to be purple or blue.

Delaney isn't as fortunate as Kate in shoe selection, but I wouldn't say she's hurting for options. She has about 10-12 shoes to choose from, but tends to wear her slip-on brown sketcher tennis shoes, unless she's in a dress. She only takes up 3 bins in our shoe organizer. If you take a close look, you might notice that Delaney's shoes tend to be pink. Delaney also has small feet, and is only in a size 10. I'm thinking she might need some more shoe shopping for the summer...

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That was really a cute idea.