Thursday, August 16, 2012

First Day of School: August 16th

As cliche as it is to say...I cannot believe that the summer is over!!!  We had such a fun summer; filled with cookouts, playdates, travelling, visits from friends and family, swimming, roller skating, bowling, and just hanging outside.

This was the first year it rained on the first day of school, so sadly our pictures were taken in the house and in the Ruch's garage instead of at the bus stop.  It put a slight damper on the mood, but, it also was so blah, that I didn't get emotional like I usually do.  As always, the girls picked out dresses to wear the first day.

Here are the girls lunches for the first day

Ready for the bus stop in their raingear
 Awaiting the bus in the Ruch's garage with Spencer and Gwen
 Reese joined us too
Everyone had a GREAT first day!
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