Monday, December 3, 2012

Break My Heart

So, some sort of flu-like virus has been slowly making the rounds in our house.  Delaney was sick for 7 days straight with almost every symptom possible.  We had two days of health, and then it hit both Rowena and Charlie.  And, on Charlie's birthday...which is why we have yet to celebrate it!  It's no fun to have a cake when no one can eat it.  And, he hasn't even received his gifts from his Nana or sisters/parents yet (we were waiting for the cake part).  So, thankfully he's been enjoying his gift from Grammie and Poppy (I think we should just give him his gifts).

Well...Saturday, Rowe and Charlie seemed to finally be doing better, and WHAM!  Kate starts vomiting!  Boo!  In fact, Kate threw up so much in our bed during their movie night, that we slept in the family room on our new air mattress (That's sick Kate on the couch):

Last night I wasn't feeling very good, so I was laying in bed (mind you this is at midnight) and Rowe is wide awake due to her 4-6pm nap.  She keeps asking for things and when I get them for her, she throws a fit because she wanted to help or I didn't do it the "Rowena way."  I finally snapped and yelled at her.  Her response to me (through sobs and tears), "Mommy, I want to go with you and I want to do things with you because I love you and I like being with you and doing things with you."  Wow, kid!  That just broke my heart.  At this point, she's laying on me sobbing and I begin too.

How can you deny this kid all of your love and affection!?!?!?!

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