Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Randal the Elf

This was our 2nd year with our Elf on the Shelf, Randall.  The kids LOVE him!  Sometimes he hides, sometimes he's playful, and he always brings a special treat.  The kids enjoyed waking up and looking for him.  Here is what he was up to this December...

His first night was an introduction, or a re-introduction.  Then it was a tree spot...

Randal enjoyed zip-lining through the kitchen
 Then...he hid in the jungle (plant)
 He pretended to be Santa, by riding the sleigh and using the girls' stuffed animals
 Just hanging around the house...


He even hid in Riggs' treats!
He helped celebrate Delaney's 9th Birthday
 Hiding in the cookie jars (that are never used...)
 Cruising in the Barbie cars with Barbie on Charlie's new table
 Hiding among the snowmen and garland
 I hope he's not drinking our wine!!!
 Silly Randal, is using our curtains as a hammock.
 Sleeping on top the frame
Randal went fishing!
 OOoh, a fun interactive project...

(I can't seem to find the picture of the treats the next day...COOKIES!!!)

Chilling on the big mirror
 Ready to play Wii with the girls.  He even found his own chair!
 Aw! :( Last he was hot tubbing with some Barbies and left a goodbye note on the mirror.

See you December 1, 2013, Randal!  Thanks for a fun month!
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