Saturday, March 30, 2013

Easter Egg MADNESS!

The church behind our house, which also is where Rowena goes to preschool, hosted a (free) egg hunt with bounce houses and a petting zoo.  It was pure madness.  We saw a ton of friends from school...for all three girls.  Kate missed out because she was at a friend's birthday party.  Charlie missed out because he was napping.  Peter missed out because he is lucky.  ahahhaha.

So, I headed over with Rowena and Delaney.  They had the egg hunts blocked off by age groups, and Rowe got the crap-shoot of it.  Instead of just having each age go one at a time, all the 2-4 year olds went at the same time and so many kids walked away empty handed.  And, I must say...parents need to let their kids just participate--too many were picking up the eggs for their kids (and, obviously, they are much quicker than the 3 year old next to them).  Anyway...after that they got it sorted out so anyone over the age of 5 got their own shot at getting eggs.  Lines were long for most things, but we lucked out at getting to the bounce houses (which were also designated per age group) and the petting zoo.

Delaney happened to be petting a chicken that was laying down and when it got up...and egg was there.  So cool!

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