Sunday, March 31, 2013

The Zoo on Easter

We may have found a new Easter tradition.  Since we did Easter with the Grandparents on Saturday, and the other grandparents weren't available, we decided to make the most of the gorgeous weather and make a fun family day at the zoo.  I cannot remember the last time we went as a family.  As you can see from the pictures...we did and saw a lot.  The Polar Bear was probably the coolest part of the day.  There was a lizard and an otter that was pretty responsive to us too, which was cool.  The giraffes were inside, so we saw them up really close as well as the zebras.  We had a picnic, played at a park, face painted, pet a snake, pretended to be vets and zoo keepers and zoo directors, we made nest packets, and we walked and walked and walked.  It was great...and we're EXHAUSTED!!! 

 They made bird nest packets to take home and distribute in our yard to help the birds have items to build nests.

 Snake Petting

Hard at work...

 Painted Faces

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