Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Proud Parents: A Moment To Brag

Yesterday I went to Delaney's first official Parent-Teacher Conference (yes, she had them in preschool, but this is "real" school). Delaney's teacher, Mrs. Vargacko, had nothing but great things to say about Delaney. She's already at the point where Kindergartners are supposed to be in May. She's writing words that they haven't even learned yet in school. She listens well, follows directions, helps others understand assignments, and likes to sit in the front. She is definitely a great student, always giving her best and wanting things to be "perfect." (We do try to stay away from using that word, as I think it sets up children-and people in general, for failure and unrealistic expectations). One thing that really stood out is this: Delaney really loves writing books. She makes a series of pictures, and then staples them together to create a book. She even creates her own title page. She usually has Peter or I write in the words for her story as she tells it, but whenever there was a word she knew, she wanted to write it. She was making these books for her teacher, and she would have Delaney read them to the class. By doing this a few times, Delaney inspired everyone in the class to go home and create their own books for Mrs. Vargacko. Her teacher stated that she's never had a student to inspire an entire class like that before. *tear* Such proud parents are we!

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Patty said...

That is so awesome and must make Delaney feel pretty special that her teacher is using one of her ideas in the class.