Thursday, July 21, 2011

Happy 4th of July!

So, yeah, I'm quite late on this post, but here are the pictures.  I was at my CTRT Certification during this week (of the 4th of July), but we got out an hour early, so I was able to come home to be with the family for dinner and fireworks.  Peter took the kids to Grammie and Poppy's to swim, and swim all day is exactly what they did!  We grilled out there too, and then headed home.  Rowe and Charlie went to bed, but the girls stayed up late to watch the fireworks.  We have such a great setup at our house.  We can sit in our backyard and see the local/town's firework show.  We can also walk up and down our street, or even sit on our porch and see fireworks from just about any direction.  Our block used to host a HUGE 4th party, with lots of people and great fireworks, but that has subsided in the past few years.  I'm glad I was able to come home and spend one of my fave holidays with the family.  Dinner was great and I enjoyed having Kate sit on my lap for fireworks and taking a nice long night walk with Delaney.

Here are the kids in their 2011 4th gear (each girl insisted on holding Charlie for a picture):

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