Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Pinterest...I Love You!

I am having a serious love affair with Pinterest!  It's a wonderful and perfectly paired website with me.  If you want to find something, I'm pretty sure someone somewhere has pinned it, and then you can simply add it to your pin board to keep it for yourself and share it with others.  Today is a super pinterest day.

It's close to 100* here and is humid beyond tolerable.  In fact, it's 2pm and we are all still in our jammies and have the blinds still closed.  Not so smart, is that we've been using the oven like crazy.  This is what we've been working on...

Dinner a la Crockpot: Mississippi Roast

And then for dessert, you can choose raspberry bars or Nutella cookies

I cannot wait to dive in and devour!  You can check out all the things we've done and/or tried because of Pinterest here
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