Friday, June 29, 2012

18 Months of Charlie...A Month Late

Yes, Charlie is technically 19 months, but I just realized I never did an 18 month post on him.  Can I just start by saying how much I love this little guy?  I LOVE THIS LITTLE GUY!  He's so dang cute and sweet.  He's funny and happy, quiet and peaceful.  He has a love for books and if I (or anyone else) would just sit and read to him from morning until night, he would love it.  He also loves TV (He is a Henderson, after all...).  He takes things in stride and puts up with a lot.  Rowe can be very intense with him, only allowing him to have one toy at a time, and dictating which toy he's allowed.  Of course, as I type this, she is sharing with him and "teaching" him how to play.  Kate can be pretty intense too; wanting to carry him and hug him often.  Delaney is just kinda there.  Both older girls will read to him and talk with him, which is wonderful to watch.

At Charlie's 18 month well-check at the doctor, this is what occurred...
Weight: 19 lbs, 7 oz (3%)
Height: 30 1/2" (5%)
Head: 47 1/2 (50%)
He gained 1/2 lb in 3 months, so the doc is happy with that. He's tiny, just like Kate. At 1 1/2, Delaney was 21 lbs, 3 oz., Katie was 21 lbs, and Rowena was probably 23 lbs.
The doctor had me fill out a questionnaire that screens for autism. He passed with flying colors. I'm not sure if this is standard now (as I didn't do this with any of the girls), or if it was prompted due to his lack of speech development. Going with his speech, he can and does now say Da and Dadda. He says it on command, but not when he sees Peter. He is also starting to make a few more babbles, but remains very quiet. He tried to test Charlie's hearing at 15 mo, but he was too squirmy. He asked about his hearing today and I told him I'm not worried about it. He doesn't deny that Charlie can hear, but he is questioning the clarity of hearing; thinking if he's not hearing clearly he may not be able to articulate. I'm still not too concerned. So they attempted to test his hearing again today, but it (again) didn't work. I'm taking him back in 1 month for a hearing screening. Then doc wants him to be able to say 5-10 words by 21 months. If he's not, he has to go back in.
Here are a few other things about Charlie at 18 months:
As stated before, he's not talking.  He will say "DeeDaDa" for Diego in the morning for the TV show he wants to watch.  Other than that, you don't really hear a word from the kid.  I usually only hear him if he's crying.
Charlie doesn't get a lot of play time, sadly.  If he tries to play, it's usually quickly interrupted by a sister (insert Rowena).  He does like the pretend food, our playhouse, his cars, and our pinball machine.  He also loves the big legos; building and destroying. He also loves to play in the bath, his water table, and the pool (as long as it's not cold).
This kid is an eating machine.  I wonder why he's not 30 lbs yet.  He eats just about any and everything.  And, if there is food around, he wants it.  The kid is never full, I swear.  What he doesn't like: hot food, as in oven hot.
BEST. SLEEPER. EVER.  You tell him it's "ni-night time" and he waves to everyone, blows kisses, reaches for his paci and blankies.  You can lay him down wide awake, and he'll wave to you and you leave the room, and don't hear from him for hours...when he awakes, which is usually making noises, sometimes a cry.
He's becoming our little boy, not our baby anymore!

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Donna said...

OMG How cute!!!! I love him. He is growing up fast! I need to come see the Hender-kids soon!