Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Fill In The Blanks

It's been so long since I've blogged.  I have so many drafts that I haven't published yet because I take so many pictures, it's difficult for me to choose which to use.  Have you noticed I have yet to publish Rowe's birthday letter?  Or her trip to American Girl store?  I also have a hiking post and a Museum of Science & Industry post to finish and publish.  Not to mention variou other here and there things.  Sorry.  These four kids have been keeping me super busy this summer!!!

My friend, Connie, did a post today about things she loves.  I wanted to share my answers.

I could blow an entire rainy afternoon…watching the Harry Potter movies with the girls.

When I was a kid, I used to love… roller skating, playing Barbies/house/school, being outside, and peeing in window wells.  There I admitted it.

I’ve always wanted to become really good at… cooking.  And not just in following recipes, but to be creative and truly know flavors and fragrances and what goes together.  I imagine myself on Master Chef.

If I could do one thing every day of my life, it would be… to nap.  I love to nap.  Oh, or maybe read.  Maybe I'm just picking things I'm not able to do often now?

I can lose track of time when I am… reading or on the internet.  It's disgusting how much time I allow myself to play on Pinterest, Facebook, reading blogs, and email!  And, if I'm engrossed in a good book, I can read for hours and not even realize it's been more than one.

Nothing clears my head like…running.  I just love the focus of my feet hitting the pavement, the steadiness of the breathing, and being alone.…

When I’m feeling drained, all I want to do is… sit on the couch and either watch TV or allow myself to be sucked into the virtual world of Pinterest and Facebook.

I feel most connected to my body when I’m…exercising.  It really doesn't matter what kind: Body Attack, Zumba, dancing, running, even walking.  Feeling my body move, the muscles working; it's a wonderful feeling and connection.

In my daydreams, I imagine myself… debt free, playing with the kids without thinking of what else is on my to-do list, and sometimes retired and travelling with Peter to various places and visiting our children.

I get a shot of energy when I… feel like one of my kids are in danger or being threatened/picked on!  There's nothing that gets my blood rushing more than needing to jump to the defense of my child. They will forever have me by their side.
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Anonymous said...

Great answers!!! A lovely post, as always!