Sunday, July 29, 2012

Splish, Splash! Katie and Her Friends Celebrate 7!

Katie decided to have her party this year at Splash Station.  What a WONDERFUL job they did!  I hope she wants to have her party here again.  It was affordable (in the sense of any child's party when you think food, cake, ice cream, party favors, games, etc.).  All the kids had a great time.

The kids from Katie's class/grade: Amanda, Katie, Cassie, Matthew, Alex, and Danielle

 The Party-Go'ers: Gwen, Julia, Spencer, Delaney, Amanda, Katie, Cassie, Sean, Matthew, Alex, Danielle, Sophie, and Rowena

Splash station has several sets of water slides: speed-mat slides, body slides, and tube slides, along with a lazy river and a zero-depth pool.  To ride most of the water slides, you need to be 48".  Sadly, Katie was the only too short (and significantly too, besides Rowena).  Thankfully, she passed the swim test easily and was able to enjoy all the ammenities of Splash Station.

We had hot dogs, chips and drinks, followed by AH-MA-ZING ice cream cake from Dairy Queen.

 Katie and her bestie, Cassandra, dancing on the bench
Katie and her "boyfriend," Matthew, going down the tube slide together.

Then, I took the 3 girls from Katie's class/grade along with Katie and Delaney to the roller rink in their pajamas for some free roller skating.

Next we headed home for presnts, fun playing Wii, Barbies, and Game Cube, and coloring before watching 2 back-to-back Barbie movies, eating popcorn, and finally falling asleep around 2am

The next morning, the girls had yummy breakfast and then ventured outside where they were able to watch a few locusts shed their shells, which was pretty awesome. Thanks to everyone who helped make her birthday wonderful!
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