Friday, July 27, 2012

USA! USA!~Olympics: London 2012~~USA! USA!

I love the Olympics.  I love watching all these amazing athletes that don't otherwise get recognition for their talents.  It's fun to watch sports that I don't know exist, and that aren't prevelant around here.  My favorite Summer Olympic events are swimming, diving, and women's gymnastics.  I will watch any event, though, and right now, NBC is my favorite channel.

For this year's Opening Ceremonies, we went to the Salkas' home for appetizers (Pinterest style), crafts, and company.  The kids had fun playing throughout the ceremonies, while Linda, Jeff, and I (Peter was at the movies with Ryan) chatted, made and ate food, and watched.  Later the kids made their own Olympic torches and watched the torch come into the arena, then a few fell asleep.  We got home around 11.

Throughout the Olympics we're planning on playing Wii Mario & Sonic Olympics as well as our own version of Olympic events, Henderson Style--which means Pillow Fighting, Pool Splashing, Breath Holding (in the pool), High Jump, Long get the idea.

Starting the Olympics:
The Hendersons were all dressed in Red, White, and Blue with stars and stripes, but I changed two into their pajamas  just before the lighting-of-the-torch.  Go figure.

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