Saturday, June 16, 2012

Recital 2012: Gone Country!

All three girls danced in this year's dance recital for DanceQuest.  The theme this year was "Gone Country" but the older girls danced excerpts from Swan Lake.  It was awesome to watch them all on stage.  We were so proud of ALL of them.  They did excellent and Rowena was so dang cute up there!
We had a super busy weekend.  It began on Friday with four hours at dress rehearsal; getting pictures taken and practicing on stage.  Then we headed to McD's for some playtime and a late lunch (or as we call it--Linner).  After that, Delaney had a softball game which I helped coach 3rd base.  Saturday was the "BIG" day.  Peter worked all morning and then it was time for showers, hair, and make-up.  We headed to the recital which we were there from 2-6.  Then Delaney had a double-header for softball.  She missed the first 3 innings of the first game.  A parent bought the team pizzas and another parent supplied enough Gatorade for the Chicago Bears (thank you to both families).  Meanwhile, I put Peter on a huge scavenger hunt for our dinner which I ordered online from Jimmy Johns the night before.  Due to a huge storm coming in, the game was called, so we headed to Sonny Delite's for our annual Post-Recital Ice Cream.  We finished the night watching fireworks and putting the pretty flowers in vases.

It was a WONDERFUL day!  Thank you to all that came to support our daughters, including Grammie, Poppy, Nana, and GAP.  An extra special thanks to Grammie and Poppy for the Christmas gift to all the girls to be in dance for the recital and to Nana for the costumes. prepared to be overloaded with pictures from our day...

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