Saturday, January 15, 2011

Happy Birthday, Martin Luther King Junior!

Today is the birthday of a very amazing and brave man; someone who changed the course of history and led thousands of people to freedom and long overdue equality (or on the way to those things...).  Martin Luther King Junior is someone I always put on my "People you'd like to meet dead or alive" list.  I find his life intriguing and inspiring.

The girls came home from school yesterday excited for their four-day weekend and gave us reasons why we were to celebrate.  I loved how Katie's teachers explained it to the kingergarteners.  She (Mrs. Woodin) talked about equality and fairness in terms that 5 or 6 year olds would understand.  She asked them how they would feel if she brought in cookies for only the girls or if only the boys were able to make decisions.  Then she went on to talk about how before they (the kindergartners) were born that people with different shades of skin were treated very unfairly.  I really loved listening to Kate recap her lessons of history and significance.  Delaney came home and talked about Rosa Parks and MLK, Jr.  and how they stood up for their beliefs and refused to be bullied.

Today Delaney woke up very excited because even though they don't have school on Monday, "Today is Martin Luther King Junior's birthday.  Can we make a cake for him?"  To which Kate replies, "But he can't even eat it, Delaney.  He's dead."  Delaney wanted to celebrate, despite that fact, and honor this man, so since we didn't have any cake mix, nor did I want to make a homemade one, we baked brownies...

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Jessica J said...

Oh my gosh, I love this. How special! Grace has a great teacher too and I loved loved loved hearing her explain to me why we celebrate MLK day. Hope you guys are enjoying the nice long weekend!

Alyssa said...

Very cool, I've wondered if kids really know why they get the day off of school! I love that Rowena is right in the middle helping the big girls.