Wednesday, January 12, 2011

What is Charlie Up To?

Well, not too much...he's only six weeks old!  But, he's perfect. Unless he's screaming his head off.  That's right...our tiny, quiet, bundle can be loud.  It started a few days ago and thankfully doesn't last forever, just takes a little more effort on our part, which isn't bad seeing as Charlie required very little effort thus far.  He has been a very quiet baby; observant and serious, but rarely crying or irritable.  I think, honestly, he is having a hard time pooping, and maybe he is in pain?  Who knows...he's not telling us.

At six weeks it is hard to imagine life without him.  He has definitely grown, as Sunday (at six weeks exactly) I did FOUR loads of laundry just for this guy.  I put away all of his newborn-sized clothes, as he has finally grown out of them, and separated all of his 3-6 months and bigger clothes and put those away, and filled his drawers with 0-3 month clothes.  They are a little big, but look good on him.  We have a ton of cute clothes for this guy, thanks to all of the wonderful gifts that friends, family, and our Christmas Angels gave him.


He still sleeps well, usually from about 11-4 and then from 5-8, and off and on throughout the day.  He sleeps in our room still; the longest any of our kids have. He has a basinett near the closet door.  I'm hoping to move him into his room he will share with Rowena, but it makes me a little nervous.  I'm afraid of her throwing stuff into his crib.  Of course, he will go to bed after she's asleep, so that might help.  There's no set nap schedule yet for the day hours.  He is loved and given a lot of attention, especially from Rowena and also, if he is getting some floor/tummy time, Riggs is right there too. 

I'm excited to see how big he is at 2 months.  I made his doctor appointment yesterday for the 27th.  The day before his Daddy goes in for his important doctor appointment (wink).

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Jessica J said...

Awww, he is just precious!