Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Henderson Family Day of Fun...Museum of Science and Industry

Most schools only had yesterday off but our school district tends to tack on an extra day to our 3-day weekends as an institute day. It works out really well for us.  We can take advantage of doing something fun while most are at work and in school.  During the month of January, the MSI has every weekday as a free day.  WooHoo!  We took full advantage.  We arrived around 10:30 and left around 2:30.  We spent most of our time in the lower level...enjoying the Idea Factory, where kids get to play and explore, the Circus hall, Colleen's Castle (a fave of mine since I was a kid), the farm area, and then we headed upstairs to the main floor to check out the trains and then to the storm exhibit.  We had a blast!  Near the end, Rowe was getting pretty sleepy, but still tried to keep up with everyone.  She did great walking most of the museum and loved running the ramps down to the submarine.  Delaney and Katie didn't want to leave, but Peter and I were beat!  Charlie did great...he slept the first two hours and was wide awake the rest of the time, just chilling and taking it all in.  I hope to go again, as we really had a good time and there is so much there we didn't even see!


















What a FUN day!!!  I can't wait to go back to explore even more!
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Connie Krebs said...

Great photos! We have a couple museums here that are similar and the kids and I have so much fun!

Brian said...

Katie's outfit hurts my eyes!