Saturday, January 1, 2011

101 Goals in 1001 Days

Okay, so I might be a little behind the times, but I just discovered this whole “101 Things in 1001 Days” about six months ago. I started to write my 101 list then, but got stuck somewhere around 54 and put it away. My goal was to start on 9/1/10, but that obviously didn’t happen. So, I sat down on NYE (yesterday) and decided to finish the list (maybe I should have put that as one of my 101 Things) and determined my start date to be New Year’s Day. This is not necessarily a resolution, but just several things I want to do, try, or get done. I didn’t change or delete any of the Things from when I first started except for one (“figure out a name for this baby”), so some might be started or accomplished, but not many! As I go through and complete, accomplish, partake in my 101 Things, I will highlight them and provide the "done" date. Some I may blog about, but most are pretty boring (i.e. clean and reorganize closet) and therefore I won’t bore you with a blog post.

Since I am posting this is my Day 1.  Day 1001 is: 
September 25, 2013

1. Go to Disney World
2. Run a 5K
3. Get published
4. Become Certified in Choice Theory/Reality Therapy (completed 7/6/2011)
5. Learn to crochet
6. Travel to California
7. Pay off 30% of our debt
8. Re-read the Harry Potter series
9. Have a garage sale
10. Clean out our garage
11. Be within 10 pounds of my wedding weight
12. Find a hobby
13. Get a nice camera
14. Present again through the William Glasser Institute (presented on 7/9/11)
15. Present again at ICA (Illinois Counseling Association)
16. Begin counseling at a private practice (I began 11/15/10)
17. Expand our garden to include more fruits and veggies
18. Learn how to make a kick-*ss marinara sauce from scratch
19. Write a novel
20. Get a facial
21. Try a massage again
22. Learn, or relearn, how to swing dance
23. Learn sign language
24. Re-landscape around the house
25. Paint the main floor of the house
26. Get new carpeting
27. Get hardwood floors for the foyer and kitchen
28. Go downhill skiing
29. Go on a couples’ vacation
30. Fix our hot tub
31. Set up a Choice Theory way of living in my home
32. Complete my Summer Quest with the girls (venture to every park in Plainfield)
33. Take a cooking class
34. Take a cake decorating class
35. Donate blood
36. Go hiking
37. Plant a tree
38. Join a Mom’s Group (Joined Jumping Jacks of Joliet in 08/2010)
39. Have a candlelit dinner at home
40. Get a Job
41. Ride a roller coaster
42. Go to a water park
43. Water ski
44. Jet ski
45. Horseback riding
46. Take a yoga class
47. Plant an herb garden
48. Do a craft project with my daughters
49. Wash the walls of my house
50. Volunteer
51. Play at a park
52. Bake homemade carrot cake (with homemade cream cheese frosting)
53. Spend one day completely internet-less: no email, no blogging, no facebook, no searching, etc.
54. Cook every night for a week (and that doesn’t mean frozen pizza)
55. Go to the UP of MI
56. Scuba dive
57. Donate to the firefighters when collecting at red lights
58. Watch a sunset with my kids
59. Watch a sunrise with my kids
60. Take the kids to a beach
61. Frame my LPC license
62. Pay-it-Forward to a family in need
63. Update pictures in our frames
64. Print out pictures and put into albums
65. Print blog into books
66. Ice Skate
67. Have a backgammon tournament with Peter
68. Donate to Good Will (took about four boxes and two large bags of clothes on 4/29/11)
69. Go through the kids’ toys and reorganize
70. Clean out the freezer room
71. Reorganize the laundry room
72. Take Delaney and Katie to an amusement park
73. Clean out my closet
74. Go through and organize scrapbooking supplies
75. Park in our garage
76. Re-finish deck
77. Pull out bushes and clean out rocks on east side of the house
78. Go on the slip-n-slide
79. Open bank account for Charlie
80. Spend a day with my mom
81. Have another GAP weekend
82. Walk along the beach with Peter
83. Start saving for retirement (again…)
84. Use our compost
85. Potty train Rowena (Began on 3/27/11)
86. Watch a thunder/lightening storm with the kids on the front porch
87. Splash in the puddles
88. Drink a large glass of water before every meal for a day
89. Re-finish/paint our shed
90. Have another HenderQ
91. Visit several MI wineries
92. Potty train Charlie
93. Try a new food that I normally wouldn’t
94. Bike with my kids
95. Write a letter to someone special and send it in the mail
96. Send a kick-*ss care package to someone I love for no particular reason
97. Have a movie marathon day with my kids
98. Help my children donate to Good Will, or a family in need
99. Have a fire in our fire place
100. Get a pedicure
101. Get a nice, professional family picture

Wish me luck, write your own, and check back often, or seldom, to see if any are highlighted...

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All About Baby Boutique said...

You have inspired me to make my own list. :)

Jessica J said...

Good luck with your list. I love this idea and just might give it a try myself.

Patty said...

I am particularly fond of #81. I'm going to make sure we do this at least once in the 1001 days!!

Alicia said...

Good luck with the list! I tried this one time but came up with so many more than 101 so I just called it my giant bucket list :) lol