Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Blizzard 2011: February 1st and 2nd

I cannot tell you how many times we hear "8-10" of snow expected" only to get about 2.  It's always so disappointing (for me anyway).  In fact, around here (in the Chicagoland area), it's often joked at how off our meterologists are.  I guess they were finally right!  We've been hearing about this so-called blizzard for several days, with predictions of 10-25" of snow, hazzardous winds, blowing snow.  It's true.  We received 19" and in some areas you can see the grass, and in others the drifts would swallow Rowena.  Most businesses are closed, only hospitals, police stations and other emergency facilities are open.  Many are without power and several roads are closed.  They (city officials) have asked that no one leave their home/travel on the roads unless it is an emergency.  Our street probably will not be plowed until late tonight or early tomorrow.  The girls' school is closed today and tomorrow. Right now it's sunny and beautiful out.  The drifts are amazing to look at.  And it's fun to play outside...for about 20 minutes.  The wind is pretty brutal and if blowing snow, it is like tiny pieces of glass hitting your face.  I know this from last night when Peter and I had to venture outside and put the girls' playhouse up against the house in a corner section near the deck, as the wind had actually lifted it up and blew it into the yard near the house.  I was nervous if we didn't put it in a more stable location, it would come through our big picture window in the family room.

Here are some pics of the craziness:

These are the bushes in our front yard and our front porch

 The snow came up past our front door.         And, there was a tidal wave snow drift in front of the garage.
 Here are the cars in the driveway...oh how I wish our garage was not a storage unit!
 Our neighbor's house 

 Our backyard, swingset, and shed

And here are the kids playing in some small drifts in the church parking lot

They didn't last too long, the wind is pretty strong and it's pretty cold out.  I REALLY wanted to put Charlie in his snowsuit and just place him on a drift for picture purposes, but it's just too cold and windy.  And, Rowe woke up with a fever, so no outside play for her today.  In fact, as the kids are at the neighbors' playing, this is how Rowe and Charlie are spending their time...

And here is after Peter borrowed our neighbor's snowblower:


Here's the drift right in front of the garage (duh) and a tunnel that Peter and Delaney made (can you see it in the pic on the right?)

So, the picture doesn't do it justice, I'm sure, but the drifts are so amazing!
(Right: Ruchs; Left: Harris Drive Neighbors shovelling)
 And the we are literally plowed in!  That's right.  A plow came down our street TWICE and didn't go into our faux for about 15' out of our driveway is all snow framed with a 4' snowbank!  Yikes...
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Jessica J said...

I was happy the predictions were right this time too. It has been more fun than an inconvenience for us. I love all of your pictures except, the ones of the sick kiddies. :( I hope those little ones feel better soon!!!