Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Ugh! What a Weekend!

Rowe sick on 1/23 during Bears/Packers game

Our "UGH" weekend actually started out before the weekend began.  Rowe woke up with croup after her nap during that (*&$^#*) Bears game. By the time we got home, I doubt she could see.  Her eyes were so puffy, red, and watery; they just teared continuously.  She was better the rest of the week, but not really healthy.  I ended up taking her to the doctor with Charlie (for his 2 mo check-up) on Thursday.  When Dr. Paul asked how the girls were doing, I told him of Katie's cough.  I came home with four scripts; two for Rowena, two for Katie. 

Relaxing, watching movies

Friday was exciting...especially for Peter.  He has been looking forward to this day for a couple months now.  He got his long awaited vasectomy.  The procedure was extremely quick.  I dropped him off and was home for about 10 minutes when he texted me to be there in 1/2 hour to pick him back up.  He walked to the car slowly and reported a successful procedure.  He spent most of Friday in his bed, hopefully being catered to by me.  I would check on him now and then to see if he needed or wanted anything.

Trying to smile when sick

The girls were all set to go to Grammie and Poppy's for the weekend, with their pharmacy and all.  Delaney woke up Saturday with a fever of 102.6, and I woke up barely able to talk with a sore throat, headache and cough.  So, back to Walgreens I went, and dropped off more medication to my p's for the girls.  Peter and I did enjoy an extremely quiet and relaxing Saturday.  I was home for most of it, after 1pm.  We hung out with Charlie, had dinner, and watched a ton of movies. 

Sunday, Peter was feeling better, not as sore but still tender.  He took Riggs out a few times and even picked up the girls.  Delaney's fever returned...WooHoo (*scarcasm*).  The rest of Sunday was pretty uneventful. 

Monday morning...Charlie wakes up around 4:30 to eat.  As I fed him, I heard Rowena coughing off and on for almost a full hour.  Around 5:30, when I'm ready to go back to bed, I hear a door open...I go upstairs to hear Delaney crying to Peter and that horrible, unmistakable seal-like bark coughing.  Crap.  Delaney has croup (again).  Mind you, Katie still has a cough, Rowena does also and still honestly sounds horrible after a week of this crap. I still feel uber sh*tty.  I don't go back to sleep now.  It's going to be a long day, full of sickies, and I have to leave Peter solo, still tender, with four kids and a moose because I have to go to work to only be extremely disappointed that only ONE of FOUR clients show up to their appointments!  Booo Hiss!

On a brighter note...we're supposed to be getting a blizzard!  I LOVE huge snow falls...as long as their safe (no power outages, roof collapsing, horrible accidents, etc.)  And (even brighter) Charlie gave both Peter and I several social smiles yesterday!  YEA!  Maybe he was excited for his Uncle Brian (aka Uncle Teddy Bear)'s 38th Birthday!
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