Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Charlie...Two Months and Oh So Adorable!

Well, Charlie has grown quite a bit since his last doctor's appointment.  He is getting longer and filling out a little more.  In fact...he weighed in at 10 lbs (20%) is 21 3/4" long (20%) and his head is about 37 1/2 cm (10%).  He is definitely our smallest baby so far!

Right now Charlie:
  • is not enjoying tummy time
  • eats from both breast and bottle
  • takes his paci
  • tends to settle down when any of his sisters sing to him
  • responds to our voices
  • is beginning to track and/or focus a bit more on faces
  • sleeps wonderfully (usually from about 9pm-4:30am)
  • has been smiling socially
  • continues to be a pretty quiet
  • is coo'ing, and he happens to have the sweetest little voice
  • has long wakeful periods, which he just chills and looks around

Here are some recent pictures of our little guy...

Trying to suck his thumb.  He couldn't do it without simultaneously sticking his finger in his nose.

Sleeping in his bassinet...oh so peaceful

Our strong, alert little guy

 Look at that face!

He loves his swing.  He chills in it for quite a while before falling asleep.

Isn't he SOOOOO cute?!?!  I'm in love!
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Marcia said...

Oh so adorable is right! I am glad he is still a little peanut for you! Time just flies too fast...enjoy it all!! And those eyes on him Amy!!! Too cute!!