Friday, February 25, 2011

Happy 2nd Birthday, Rowena Dale

Happy Birthday to the sweetest two year old I know!  I cannot believe you're two already!  Let me tell you a little about what you are like at TWO!

  • are VERY independent
  • like to try to dress yourself
  • have to shut all the doors in the house
  • say "I do me" and that's how we know you want to do it yourself
  • have an amazing sense of humor
  • tell us we're "home" no matter where I park the car
  • have a favorite person: Papa, and you love to go to "Papa's house"
  • love to color
  • have to have a glass of warm milk every morning
  • are not the best you wake up almost every morning around 4 or 5am and want to get up.  You also will knock at your door, asking for one of us.  If you ask for Mommy and Mommy comes and has you go back to bed, you do the same thing--asking for Daddy.  And, vice-versa.
  • have a very particular (and long) bedtime routine...three stories (Elmo's Colors, Look At Me, and Pajama Time)--where you have to take the book from the reader to turn the pages and then say "here you go" and return it for the next page to be read.  Then you have to hug and kiss everyone, give everyone 2 high fives, turn your light on and off twice, and shut your own door
  • always want to put the top on your sippy
  • think you're funny when you run around with Charlie's paci
  • are the best eater!  You eat things like raw onions, chorizo, oatmeal, and chicken meals.  In fact, you eat better eating with Mom and Dad and off our plates than you do if you sit with just your sisters and have mac-n-cheese
  • like dolls, but are really getting into stuffed animals
  • fight hard with Kate
  • are very sweet with Charlie
  • have a good relationship with Delaney
  • like to pretend to be a dog
  • love piggy-back rides
  • LOVE to dance!!!
  • will hold Charlie and sing to him
  • are very determined/stubborn
  • love Dora and Diego
  • have a ginormous head!!!
  • are hefty, but so adorable and funny!
  • know your colors, but not your letters or numbers
  • love to be silly
  • have the most adorable giggle
  • smile so sweetly and tend to scrunch up your neck when you do
  • say "squeeze" when you give hugs
  • are a bit delayed on your speech, but have started to be a little more understandable and are using sentences
  • are good with "good byes"
  • take medicine like a pro/champ!
  • like to take underwear and wear it as several necklaces

Happy Birthday, Dear Rowena...You are an amazing person.  You add so much to our family.  And, while I get frustrated with your stubborn streak and need and desire for independence, I admire your strong will and determination.  You make me laugh every day, make me smile hourly, and have filled our hearts with love.  You are so much fun to spend time with, your personality is almost as big as your head.  We love every bit of you!  So, to you we say, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, HULK SMASH!
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meg shaklee said...

wow! rowe, i can't believe you're 2! you and bell are growing way too fast, slow down! bella does the "home" thing too.. and a few other things. you girls are going to grow up to be such sweet individuals. happy birthday!

Jessica J said...

awww... I love age 2...Happy Birthday!