Monday, February 14, 2011

"Don't Tell That Joke At School..."

One of the many nighttime rituals includes jokes or riddles from the girls to us.  In fact, Delaney received a riddle book and Katie a joke one for Christmas in their hopes their jokes would improve a bit.  Well, as I'm doing dishes and Peter is putting the girls to bed, I hear Peter say: 

"Don't repeat that joke at school.  Or on the bus.  Or to any friends."

So, I'm thinking, "Great.  Why would you tell our girls a joke that is that inappropriate???"

Peter comes down and I ask him that exact question, then I hear the joke.

Katie: "Why did the chicken go to the doctor?"
Peter: "Because he had the bird flu?"
Katie: "No, because his penis hurt."

Oh, and just to clarify, NO...that joke is NOT in her joke book!!!
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Brian said...

Thats fucking hilarious!