Saturday, May 7, 2011

Five Months of Charlie

So, I really can't say there is much to report on our little guy...other than he's little, cute, quiet, and sweet.

He doesn't really have a routine down yet of a specific nap.  He naps here and there, sometimes napping for over two hours, sometimes for only 20 minutes.  He tends to take 2 big naps in a day, and a few small ones as well.  He is sleeping well at night, usually down around 8 or so and getting up about 6:30am.  He still sleeps in the pack-n-play in the family room.  I feel like him and Rowe will disturb one another too early for my waking preference.  This is how I found Charlie sleeping last night...

He isn't able to sit unsupported yet nor is he rolling over.  Oh bite your tongue, milestone age freaks.  He's fine.  Doc checked him at 4 months and isn't worried.  He's smiling, makes great eye contact and is happy.  He just isn't motivated to get anywhere, as he's content no matter what.  I'm honestly not worried, nor am I in any hurry for him to grow up, get older, or reach the next milestone.  He's my last, and I'm willing for this to go as slow as possible.  He loves to hold things in his hands and bring them to his mouth.  He reaches for toys and tracks things very well.  He recently discovered his feet; he likes to hold onto them, but has yet to put them to his mouth.   He loves his megasaucer, which we just got out the past week.  He is also still a fan of the bouncy seat and swing, although we definitely don't use those as much (and soon they will be heading to Michigan to "George").



He doesn't have any teeth yet.  But MAN does he drool!  I keep thinking he's teething, but then nothing happens.  He just likes to drool.

We're feeding him solids, but only once a day, and he nurses about every three to six hours.  We're just about through the veggies and next it's on to fruit.  He eats well and hasn't had any reactions to anything (not that we expect him to).

He's so super smiley.  And very quiet.  He rarely cries and when he does it's usually because he's tired and can't get comfy to fall asleep.  He's very loved by his sisters, and because of that, he rarely gets tummy time, or just time to chill on the floor.

Here are pics of Charlie's first five months...
Birth:                                                                                                             One Month:

Two Months:                                                                                          Three Months:

 Four Months:

Five Months:
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Alyssa said...

He is so cute, love the smiles in 4 and 5 month pictures :) If I were him I wouldn't move either, he's got 4 girls waiting on him hand and foot what motivation does he have to roll over and get something for himself ;)