Monday, May 2, 2011

Sisters=Best Friends, Worst Enemies

Siblings can make the best of friend and the worst of enemies.  Delaney and Kate can get along so well, encourage one another, be supportive, and play for hours.  And then, they can fight like they hate one another, kick, scream at, hit, punch, and yell at each other.  Those moments drive me crazy, but it's natural...I guess.  I know my relationship with my older brother was AWFUL growing up.  Pete and Joe didn't get along well either.  And now we're both very close with both of our brothers (we both got along with our younger/youngest brother growing up). I'm not too concerned...I know they love each other and are friends.  It's sometimes hard to get along with someone with whom you spend so much time.

At school this year, Delaney is learning how to write letters and has it for homework sometimes (to write a letter to her teacher).  Here is an apology letter Delaney wrote for Kate a few weeks ago while at school:

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Brian said...

That almost brought tears to my eyes! How cute! However..I think you were the root cause of our issues!