Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Happy Mother's Day 2011

I had a wonderful Mother's Day this year.  I do every year.  This year we stayed home (we thought about going to Iowa to visit Nana, but the girls had birthday parties on Saturday).  My celebration began on Friday at Katie's Kindergarten class for a "Mother's Day/Kindergarten Tea."

 Katie with her BFF, Cassandra
Katie with her Kindergarten teacher: Mrs. Woodin
Her class sang songs, read us a book, and served us juice and cookies.
(Katie read "Some mommies like to read to you" because her and I tend to read together at night before bed).

I also got a wonderful gift, which, of course, made me cry.

On Saturday the girls spent the day at birthday parties with lots of their friends.  Peter and I watched some TV and cleaned our bedroom.  Some might not think that is fun, but it is SO nice to have it cleaned out.  It tends to be our "catch-all" for when we clean.

On Sunday, Peter got up with Rowe.  I got up to feed Charlie and then went right back to bed.  Then, I woke up around 8:45 when Delaney came into the room to tell me "Happy Mother's Day.  Don't go downstairs."  Well, when I was sleeping, I wasn't planning on it...Delaney read to me to keep me in bed, then Kate came up and told me it was time.  I came down to these beautiful flowers:

And then we enjoyed some chocolate-chip & berry pancakes, followed by some time outside to enjoy the gorgeous weather and fly kites.


Then, I was showered with wonderful gifts...two books (one being a soup cookbook) and two tv show dvds.  After that, I went to Home Depot ALONE to shop for flowers for our front porch pots.  Katie told me, "Mom, it's Mother's Day.  You shouldn't have to go shopping.  Stay home and relax and have Daddy go."  To that my response was, "That is exactly why I'm going shopping alone!"  It was wonderful to walk among all those flowers and plants in the warm sun and take my time.  I got home with this loot:

And then we had lunch, I planted flowers while Peter planted the veggie garden.  The girls had dinner (Peter and I had such a big and late lunch we didn't eat) and then walked over to our fave ice cream place: Sunny Delights!   It was a wonderful day!  THANK YOU!!!

Charlie hung outside with me in his megasaucer while I planted flowers

 Rowe LOVED smelling all the flowers and telling us the colors!
The front porch with planted pots, jade plant, and washed chairs...can't wait for wine nights and reading!
And, although late, I'd like to say:  Happy Mother's Day to all the wonderful mothers, mothers to be, mothers whose motherhood was cut short, and those longing to be called mom. Being a mother is a special gift; difficult but rewarding work!

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♥ Noelle ♥ said...

hi friend,

lovely post! i cannot wait to plant flowers:) things have been rough for me, not sure if you've been keeping up on my blog? stop by and visit:)
the kids are precious; looks like a fun moms day for u!