Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas #1: Henderson Christmas

Our first Christmas this year was with the Hendersons: Craig (Grandpa), Paula, Joe, and Dan.  I can't remember the last time we were there for Christmas and the lake wasn't frozen.  The girls were in good spirits despite knowing ice skating was out.  They happily grabbed and brought the fishing poles instead of skates.

We hung outside for a while.  We faux-fished and started a bonfire...

Breaking the (thin layer of) ice to be able to fish

 Rowe LOVED fishing with her very own fishing pole!
 Uncle Dan helped get Delaney's new fishing pole ready to go
 Katie didn't care to fish, so her and Joe just hung out on the pier
 Our daytime bonfire

We hung out inside for a while.  We scratched backs, wrestled, played hide and seek, listened to Christmas music, opened gifts, played with gifts, ate some very tasty food, play pingpong, had pillow fights, and napped.





 The five men:                                                                                          The five women:
Three generations of Henderson Men
PingPong Fun!




Pillow fights are always fun...even if your opponent is 27 years your senior!



I think Rowe was getting a little tired.  She asked Paula for covers and then a pillow.  I think she was out within seconds!

We hung out late night by the fire, sang happy birthday and various Christmas carols.

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