Friday, December 30, 2011

Christmas #4: Nana and Henderson Uncles

Later Christmas morning, Nana, Uncle Joe, and Uncle Dan joined us.   We enjoyed a tasty breakfast made by Peter along with Mimosas (the kids' were made with ginger ale).  Then we opened gifts and played games.  Then, in the evening, the Uncles, Nana, Daddy and the girls went to the hotel and swam.  Delaney and Kate spent the night at the hotel with Nana and Uncle Dan, and then took Uncle Dan to the airport Monday morning.  Food was on the table all day, and we still decided to cook a huge ham, that resulted in weeks of leftover ham sammies.



 Rowena in her new dress from Santa, new slipper socks from Nana, and her very own Mario character stuffed animal, Birdo, from Uncle Joe!
 Reading a new book with Nana
 Playing new Wii games!  ROCK ON!
 Just a small sample of the food spread for the day.  Lots of yummy goodness!!!
Then, it was time for SWIMMING!!!

And, now time for bed at the hotel...all with matching sleep masks!  Love this!

Last morning with Uncle their new outfits from Nana for Christmas

 A Family Picture:

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