Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas #2: Kridners

On Christmas Eve, we celebrated Christmas with the Kridners.  We went to Grammie & Poppy's house in the morning and stayed until close to 9.   We ate appetizers all day, open gifts, chatted, scratched off lottery tickets, and played. It was a nice, low-key, relaxing day. The girls had a difficult time waiting until Daddy got off work and arrived around 6:30. They couldn't wait to open gifts.

I think we need to work with our kids on how to receive gifts gracefully even if you're not a big fan or are disappointed.  From Grammie and Poppy, the girls got new personalized dance bags, leotards, ballet shoes/slippers, and tights, along with dance lessons for the next six months and their recital.  WONDERFUL gift!  However, Delaney wasn't thrilled.  She still looks at gifts as toys, not things like that.  Katie and Rowe didn't seem too disappointed, but Delaney tends to wear her hurt emotions on her sleeve.  Next were the gifts from Uncle Wesley and Aunt Leann.  Delaney got a robot puppy.  Something she's been wanting for years.  She took her old bike apart, keeping the parts in hopes to build one someday.  Well, Aunt Leann searched and searched and found one!  This was a gift for Delaney and Uncle Charming to put together as a team.  Well, when Katie got 3 gifts and Rowe got two, Delaney was crushed.  Again, not yet the best at accepting gifts.  She did get over it when she spent the next 45 minutes with Uncle Charming putting together her new robot, which she named Robotnic.

Here are pictures from our Kridner Christmas

Drinking fancy punch in fancy dresses while eating fancy crackers and cheese

Smiley Izzy
Playing Candyland with Aunt Leann

Izzy with her Daddy
Reading her new book

Rowe was amazing at getting Izzy to giggle

 Delaney and Uncle Charming making Robotnic, her very own, real robot puppy


Grammy with her youngest grandbabies
 Isabel is imitating Charlie's big eyes and startled look...when Charlie realizes it, Isable thinks she's funny.  Too cute!


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