Thursday, December 15, 2011

Dearest EIGHT YEAR OLD Delaney

Dear Delaney,
You turned eight just three days ago and I wanted to write you a little letter to tell you about this year, our love for you, and how I think that eight is just a bit too old.

At One Month

Eight Years Old

This year you finished first grade and started second.  You have done so much and travelled at TON!  You were in Michigan: both lower and upper peninsulas, Iowa (a couple times), Minnesota, Wisconsin, Indiana, the beach, Great America and many other things.  You got to pet an alligator and you went to several awesome arcades.  You enjoyed a second year as Yoshi for Halloween and danced in your 5th dance recital.  You saw all four of your Uncles and your one and only Aunt.  Your first cousin (Isabel Rose) was born. Your reading ability has shot through the roof and you read at almost a fourth grade level.  You're not a fan of homework, and that's okay because, to be honest, neither am I. You do very well at school; you are very smart. You are amazing.  You are thoughtful and funny and extremely competitive.  You are helpful around the house, you play so well with both your sisters, and help with Charlie.  You truly enjoy people, and you have this undying devotion to all things animals.  You started dance again a couple weeks ago after taking 5 months off after your 5th dance recital.  You are a wonderful swimmer, despite not having lessons since you were about 2.  You want to do everything: ice skating, horseback riding, and soccer in addition to dance, gymnastics, and swimming.  You are sensitive, oh so sensitive; similar to me when I was younger.  You cry when you get in trouble, or when your feelings get hurt.  You also respond similarily when you see others upset.  You like jokes, you love to write stories.  You like Littlest Pet Shop and Zoobles and video games.

I cannot wait to see what you will do and accomplish and how you will change this next year.  I do get sad when I think about how quickly these past eight years have gone (although it's annoying to hear that "Gosh, just yesterday you were only two" when that's obviously not true).  In just two years you will be double-digits (whoa).  In 5 years, you'll be a teenager (yikes). And, in eight years, you will be driving (tear).  If the next eight years go as fast as these, I'll continue to be sad.  I don't know why, but I feel like we are missing your childhood when we've been there for it all.

Here are some pictures of you throughout this year...

January: Lost another tooth

February: Glasses and toothless

March: Mix-Match Day
April: Star Wars Day at Public Library

May: Bridging from Daisys to Brownies
June: Dance Recital

July: Great America (first time)

August: Upper Michigan-Shooting your first bow

September: Lower Michigan, At the Park

October: Haunted Trails

November: Petting an Alligator

You are amazing and smart and a wonderful addition to our family! Keep up all of your hard work, and remember to have fun, play a lot, smile and laugh every day, be thoughtful and kind, and most importantly...BE YOURSELF and be proud of you!

We love you,
Mom and Dad

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