Saturday, December 17, 2011

Pinterest...How Do I Love Thee...

I have found a new online love...Pinterest.  It's a website that has been around for a while and I've read other bloggers talk about it but I didn't get it.  BUT I DO NOW!  And, I'm in love.  I am completely addicted.  It's like a virtual bulletin board where you can catagorize various things, like recipes, DIY projects, clothing, home style, hairstyles, craft projects, Et cetera, Et cetera...

So, I have several pinboards:
(these are just the ones I have...some people have more or less, and these I named to fit my personality)

Yum, Yum, Gimmie Some (recipes I either already love or cannot wait to try)
Appetizers (as most friends and family know, this is my preferred meal--just think of the movie Mermaids) Cupcakes (you should SEE all the cute, crafty things people do with cupcakes)
Organizational Style 
My Style (clothing and hair)
She's Crafty (think all types of craft projects)
Oh, How Do I Love Thee (products I love, or would love to own)
Random Awesomeness (this is for things that don't fit anywhere else, like Harry Potter pillows, or quotes)
Kiddies (things for the kids, like books and apps)
If You're Smart, You'll Enjoy... (these are mostly books)
Inspiring People
Let's Go Here (places I have been to and love, or where I want to go and love)
Home Sweet Smartness (smart ideas for the home, techniques, etc.)
All Things Christmas
Sunshine and Rainbows (all colorful rainbow things)
Home Style

So, what do you do with said virtual bulletin boards?  Well, these "pins" are actual links to websites or blogs that tell you step by step how to do something (think DIY or recipe) or where to get it (like a store).  It's wonderful.  Tonight's dinner was inspired by Pinterest...

We had Caprese Skewers, Tomato-Basil-Parmesan Soup, Monterey Chicken, and artichokes.  It was AWESOME!!!  Thank you, Pinterest!  For inspiring me to try new things.  I heart you.  I can't wait for tomorrow...I'm making more appetizers and another soup, as well as some fun craft projects with the kids!  YEA! 
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